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Weeds, Seeds and Wishes

I was photographing this senior a couple of weeks ago and her mom spotted a field of bright, yellow flowers and a rustic fence. Perfect background for a college t-shirt, jeans and boots. Standing tall against the carpet of yellow flowers was this dandelion seed pod. I asked the senior to make a wish and blow. She had fun doing that and I got some cute images of the process. When culling, I found this image where the focus was on the dandelion pod. Although I didn't want to include it in her gallery, I immediately was inspired by it.

At this time of year, high school and college seniors are preparing to graduate. I remember both of these milestones in my life and am experiencing them now with photography clients and my own daughter--a high school senior. There is so much anxiety and uncertainty in these moments in life. Way too many people asking questions to which seniors really don't want or know how to answer, especially with any certainty or confidence. "What are you going to do?" " Where are you going to go?" "Do you know what you want to do with the rest of your life?" " What are your goals?" " Are you now a grown up and ready to live on your own?" "Do you have the money to do what you are planning?" "Are you ready for this next step?" "Do you have a job?" "Are you making the right decisions?" "What are your friends doing?" It's all just overwhelmingly exciting and scary.

To all the seniors: graduation takes place in May, the season of spring, where symbolism ties awakening, rebirth, growth, fresh start, new paths/obstacles, and brightness. There are wide, open fields. Weeds, and even trash sometimes, are scattered amongst pretty wildflowers and lush grass. There isn't a paved path and you must be careful where you step. Look carefully. Notice what is at your feet and what lies ahead. Figure out in what direction you want to go. If you find a dandelion pod, pick it up, make a wish, and blow. Let the seeds scatter in the breeze and plant where they fall. Don't ever forget that at whatever age you are, you will continue to graduate from different seasons throughout your life. Through every season and at every graduation, someone who loves you is wishing for more for you than you could ever imagine. This is one of my favorite songs by Rascal Flatts and is such a perfect expression of this season.

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