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My Life Pictured is Your Life Pictured

Updated: Oct 6, 2018


Since a very young age, I have owned cameras and taken pictures. Family vacations, reunions, sister, friends, summer camp, overnight stays at grandparents', college, dating the love of my life and marriage, puppies and babies, teenagers, parents and grandparents, friends' kids...I have and will continue to document life. You can see a tiny sample of my life's images here. I can look at a photo from my life and, for a moment, will remember the time, the people, the era, the setting, our home, and especially how I felt during that time. I can remember the people and places and other memories from that age or time. I can remember shopping for those clothes (I was so thin and cute in that 10th reunion outfit!), or loving the outfit my mother dressed me in for that photo (hooray for Luv-It jeans and boo to Gunne Sax or Jessica McClintock lace!). One photograph can flood my mind with images of people, places, those times, emotions, voices, smells and clothing. Don't you remember your grandfather's cologne (Old Spice) or your grandmother's voice? I also remember my grandparents unwillingness to be photographed, and I would give anything to have images of them now, to reflect upon and show my daughters.

During my daughers' childhood, I've made an effort to photograph them with their grandparents. I've documented our families' big moments as well as our mundane. My favorite photos of my daughters range the gamut of the fancy Easter dresses to being filthy (and in whatever clothes they picked out) as they played in the yard with our dogs and friends. It's all life and it all matters! A photographed life tells a story, and I've continued to capture the images that tell our story. People asked me to do the same for them, and a passion became a profession. I specialize in lifestyle professional photography of newborns, babies, children, teens, high school seniors,adults, business and nonprofit owners. My life, pictured, has become "Your Life Pictured" and I cannot wait to tell your story!

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