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Do you have photographs from generations ago, or from your own childhood? Do you have current photos of yourself and your family? 
I cherish my family photos and can spend hours going through them. 
I can look back at an image and immediately place myself in that scene, at that age, or with that person. I can hear the person's voice, whether it's one of my children when young, or a grandparent who is no longer living. I can visualize the house, the place, the era, the music, the times together. 
For a fleeting moment, it all comes to life through images. 
Capturing the moments, milestones, ages, and stages of life with emotion, authenticity and purpose, and producing images that will last has always been my passion and is now my work. Lifestyle photography and storytelling is my story, my brand, my work and my passion. Let's look at your canvas and start creating your story, your brand, and your passion so that your story is told. Your life, your story, matters.

It's Your Life, Pictured.

~Carolyn Ann Walgren        


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Let's Get to Know Each Other


I am passionate about photography and have spent my lifetime documenting my own childhood and that of my daughters and family. (If only the TCU School of Journalism had not intimidated me from the outset, I might have pursued this career degree in English writing and Economics, and then a paralegal certification, didn't lead to a fulfilling career!) After always having a camera in hand, friends asking me to photograph them, taking online classes, and then private lessons, I decided to pursue this as a career. My husband, Mark, our 2 daughters, and various canine babies, have lived in Grapevine since 1994. I have actively served in many areas of my church, schools and the community for over 20 years, especially serving in and advocating for GCISD. Nonprofit organizations and causes are close to my heart also. I've dedicated my life to helping others, and I would love to help people document the ages, stages and milestones in life through beautiful and meaningful images.

Whether in the studio or on location, I specialize in capturing beautiful, emotive portraits that authentically and sincerely portray the life of the subject. I love photographing newborns, babies, children, tweens, teens, high school seniors, adults, families, sports, activities; and even causes and businesses to assist in their marketing efforts. I would be honored to "tell" your story! 

- Carolyn Ann Walgren

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